Student Testimonials

“The content and support allows people study anywhere in the world. It is the future of higher education.”


“I think this is a high quality course thoroughly planned and presented with a high standard.”


“The quality of the learning materials such as transcripts and videos is excellent. I can save all videos to my mobile which gives me flexibility to watch the learning materials.”


“Many thanks for assessment and your support during the learning. Also thanks to all HA team for challenging and interesting module. It was exciting!”


“Overall the Hydrographic Academy continues to produce great distance learning material, I think what amazed me most about this module was the amount of subject matter covered, a real credit to the team.”


“Your feedback has definitely made me more confident that I am on the correct track and will keep working to uphold the standards.”


“Having a personal tutor/point of contact with the academy was very useful. In the sometimes lonely world of distance learning, it is nice to receive some personal feedback.”


“I really enjoyed completing this first introductory module and found distance learning to be an extremely effective way of learning.”