The Mini-MBA course, presented by Rupert Vernalls, founder and CEO of is aimed at persons who have had little or no business education previously and who are looking to improve their knowledge and confidence in a more business-oriented role. The course is organised in three modules, each consisting of short videos and worksheets which will help users understand how they can apply the core MBA concepts to their business.

The first video of module 1 (included below) presents the course content and structure.


 Why do the course?

On completing the course users will be able to:

  1. Identify the critical factors for success within their market;
  2. Ascertain their business’s position within its market by drawing a Strategy Canvas;
  3. Establish the optimal strategies for their business;
  4. Specify the Key Assets within their business and the source of its competitive advantage;
  5. Interpret change within their market;
  6. Understand how their business can respond to change in a superior manner to the competition;
  7. Determine how their business can pursue new opportunities in the form of new products, services or geographical markets.



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