Advanced Practical Techniques in Hydrography 2 (Residential)


The module begins with a 6 week period of distance learning where students will develop essential skills in advanced survey maths and hydrographic survey planning and operation, including essential knowledge in hydrography for Nautical Charting. During the 2 week fieldwork session students will utilise their planning and management knowledge to undertake a practical hydrographic survey, working as an individual and as part of a small team. Students will undertake the setting up and calibrating of equipment prior to conducting detailed practical survey operations ashore and afloat using positioning equipment, side scan sonar, single beam and multibeam echo sounders. During the final 6 week period of post study students will further develop their data processing and presentation skills using industry-standard software packages.

Includes lectures in
  • Advanced Survey Maths
  • MetOcean
  • Hydrography for Nautical Charting
  • Survey Planning
  • Practical Survey Work
  • Sensor Installation and Calibration
  • Horizontal & Vertical Control
  • Data Processing and Presentation
  • Teamwork & Management & Leadership
Key skills learned
  • Planning and conduct of hydrographic surveys to an appropriate standard, calibrating equipment where necessary
  • Working as part of a team, developing the ability to lead and manage all aspects of the survey process
  • Processing, presenting and evaluating gathered data using appropriate methods



15 weeks part-time study (including 2 weeks of attended practical fieldwork)



20 transferable credits at academic level 7


Coursework; Practical Survey Competencies.