Earth Science and Positioning


This module will provide you with the advanced theory in geodesy, positioning and errors necessary to undertake and manage practical hydrographic survey work. You will conduct further studies in geology, geophysics and coastal processes, which will provide you with the underpinning knowledge necessary for future work in survey planning, and the conduct and management of both inshore and offshore survey operations.

Includes lectures in
  • Advanced Geodesy
  • Advanced Geology
  • Advanced Geophysics
  • Coastal Processes and Sedimentation
  • Fundamentals of Horizontal Positioning
  • Fundamentals of Vertical Positioning
  • Advanced Satellite Positioning
  • Subsea Positioning Techniques
  • Errors and Uncertainty in Hydrography

Key skills learned

  • Relevant geodetic theory in hydrographic survey contexts
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the aspects of geology and geophysics of relevance to advanced hydrographic survey operations
  • Ability to evaluate, select and compare equipment and techniques for horizontal and vertical positioning
  • Identification, evaluation and management of errors



13 weeks part-time study


20 transferable credits at academic level 7


Coursework only (Personal Development Portfolio) submitted on week 6 (1st coursework) and week 13 (2nd coursework).