Advanced Practical Techniques in Hydrography 1 (Residential)


This module aims to explain the basic mathematical and statistical techniques required to collect and process data to published standards. During a 2 week practical session, classroom-based tuition is blended together with practical sessions where you will learn advanced practical survey techniques including vessel dimension control, and establishing horizontal and vertical control using Optical Levels, Total Stations, and advanced RTK GNSS. During sessions afloat you will utilise a range of equipment, including GNSS positioning systems, side scan sonar, single beam and multibeam echo sounders, whilst also learning the fundamentals of seamanship and navigation.

Includes lectures in
  • Applied Mathematical Techniques
  • Introduction to Land Survey
  • Total Station Angle & Distance Measurement (Traversing)
  • Traverse Calculations
  • Optical Levelling
  • Vessel Dimension Control
  • Navigation & Seamanship
  • Reduction of Soundings
  • Management & Leadership
Key skills learned
  • Advanced mathematical techniques required to work effectively with hydrographic data
  • Practical navigation, seamanship and boat handling
  • Practical survey tasks both ashore and afloat
  • Management and leadership principles
  • Presentation and analysis of primary hydrographic data.



15 weeks part-time study (including 2 weeks of attended practical fieldwork)



20 transferable credits at academic level 7


Coursework; Practical Survey Competencies.