Nautical Science


The Nautical Science module will allow you to build on the material introduced in the first introductory Marine Learning Alliance module EHYD101, by further developing learning and study skills together with helping you to develop an understanding of key underpinning scientific principles. Nautical Science also provides an introduction to vital aspects of nautical science important to the professional working in the marine environment.

Includes lectures in
  • Scientific Principles
  • Measurement & Units
  • Mechanics
  • Optics
  • Electricity
  • Scientific Data Presentation
  • Navigation
  • Types of survey
  • Safety & Seamanship
Key skills learned
  • Understanding of underpinning scientific principles and methods relevant to marine sciences
  • Awareness of the theoretical and practical aspects of nautical science required by the hydrographic surveyor working at sea
  • Effective use of study skills and research methods in a programme of undergraduate study



13 weeks part-time study


30 transferable credits at academic level 4


Coursework only (Personal Development Portfolio) submitted on week 6 (1st coursework) and week 13 (2nd coursework).