William Megill Sub Pool

William is currently Professor of Bionics, Robotics and Sensing at the Rhine Waal University of Applied Sciences, in Cleves, Germany, not far from where the Rhine crosses the Dutch border. He holds a BSc in Physics from McGill University in Montreal and a PhD in Zoology (Marine Biology) from the University of British Columbia.

Intertwined with his studies, William apprenticed and qualified as a whale-watching captain in eastern Quebec, before his move west where he founded and ran a non-profit research station in British Columbia and Baja California studying coastal ecology, marine mammals and sea turtles. In that role, he taught for UCLA and was appointed Adjunct Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Victoria.

After a postdoctoral fellowship in Australia, William joined the Mechanical Engineering Dept of the University of Bath, where he taught biomimetics and submersibles design. With the founding of the Rhine Waal University of Applied Sciences, he joined the Faculty of Technology and Bionics as its ninth professor to create a new centre of excellence in Germany for marine biomimetics and waterborne robotics.

Current research by William and his team includes the development of novel fluid dynamics sensors, energy harvesting from ocean and river currents, biomimetic propulsion and acoustic sensor systems, autonomous surface vehicle design, bionic assistive technologies and the ecology of aquatic animals (beavers & sea turtles). He teaches biomimetics and engineering design at the undergraduate and MSc levels, but is best known for his support of the university’s human-powered submarine racing team!