I joined the then Plymouth Polytechnic in 1984 as Principal Lecturer and a year later was appointed Head of School of Mathematics and Statistics. I retained this position until 2003, then I became Head of School of Computing, Communications and Electronics. In 2007 I reverted to Professor of Applied Mathematics a title I was awarded in 1993. I have been a University teacher since 1974 in mathematics, physical oceanography and modelling marine processes.

Teaching Experience

Since 1974 I have always taught marine science to a wide variety of audiences. I have also taught a range of mathematics courses from first to final year level. Currently I teach second year advanced calculus and an MSc module in marine physics.

Professional Experience

As well as being Head of School for 22 years, I was course manager for 8 years at Heriot Watt University (1974 – 82) and at the University of Plymouth I was second stage tutor for all mathematics and statistics students (2008 – 2013). Nationally I have been Chairman of Heads (1989 – 1993) and on the steering committee for CPAM (Committee for Professors of Applied Mathematics 1998 – present). I have been external examiner for undergraduate mathematics at 12 different Universities, and examined over 20 PhDs. I have supervised to completion a similar number. I have undertaken consultancy work from time to time, all concerning coastal sea modelling.

Research Interests and Scholarship

After my mathematics degree I completed a PhD in coastal oceanography and since then I have researched theoretical models relevant to the sea. I have published about 60 papers and had several large research grants (NERC) to support my research, these have been in collaboration with colleagues at Plymouth Marine Laboratories (1987 – 2001). I was chairman of an international research group JONSMOD from 1981 – 2010 when I had to resign for personal reasons. These have led to 15 peer reviewed special editions of international journals, the last three in the top rated Ocean Dynamics. I also write textbooks for undergraduate and postgraduate students, these have been published by Pearson, Prentice Hall, Springer-Verlag, Imperial College Press, Macmillans; 10 so far with the next due for publication by John Wiley in 2017/18.