I am Portuguese and in October 2013 I’ve moved from Portugal to the UK to join the Hydrographic Academy at Plymouth University as “Lecturer in e-Learning for Hydrography”.

When not playing Golf I am now full-time at MLA. My role is of lecturer and tutor and I am also responsible for the MLA's website.

After my graduation in Aquatic Sciences (1982) and MSc in Fisheries stocks assessment & management at University of Porto (1988), I obtained my PhD in Physical Oceanography at University of Lisbon (1998), having participated in several oceanographic campaigns. Within my doctorate work, I developed OCEANUS, an oceanographic digital atlas & data processing software, which received a couple of awards as an education software. Simultaneously, I pursued an academic career at ICBAS-UP where I was responsible for Physical Oceanography, GIS and Fisheries Stock Assessment courses at both BSc and MSc level.

I've also worked in web design and I was responsible for image & communication at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Marine and Environmental Research of University of Porto. 

I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK).