This is the first step for applying for a distance e-learning course with the MLA College. 

All MLA College's Higher Education courses are awarded by Plymouth University, are delivered by technology-enhanced distance e-learning and students get full tutor support for the whole period of their studies.

Currently we offer undergraduate and post-graduate degree qualifications in Hydrography and in Sustainable Maritime Operations. 

The Hydrography courses provide educational qualifications designed specifically to meet the needs of marine industry professionals and employers working in the field of hydrographic surveying. For those interested in marine and maritime business and management, both the MSc and BSc in Sustainable Maritime Operations are designed to give not only a world class qualifications but to provide you with a wide array of both maritime subject-specific and transferable business and managerial skills so that you can benefit from great prospects for your desired professional goals and enhance your career in the Maritime and marine industry.

Please browse the course's pages for detailed information about all programmes offered and their syllabus, or contact us directly for personalised assistance.


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Dr Richard Thain
Chief Executive and Academic Director, Marine Learning Alliance