Posidonia is a firm fixture for the global shipping industry. Every two years it is the essential place for serious business at the largest gathering in the shipping calendar.

Posidonia provides direct access to Greek shipping and the owners of the largest fleet under the control of any one national group, dominating the newbuilding orderbook and S&P market.

The Greek owned fleet continues its impressive growth. Over a twelve month period leading up to Posidonia 2014, over 25m dwt was added, the largest annual increase since 2008. Of some 700 shipping companies based in the Athens area, about 70 run fleets of 1m dwt or above.


 Stand 2.433 - Marine Learning Alliance is present at the IMarEST stand

Registrations are still open for enrolment on the Hydrographic Academy’s introductory module starting 23 May 2016.

Accredited by the University of Plymouth, qualifications are available in Hydrography for Professionals at both Masters and Bachelors levels. The courses uses innovative web app based learning technology to provide a time and cost effective study method that allows people to remain in their full-time jobs and gain career enhancing qualifications at the same time.

The first module introduces E-learning study and Charts, History of Oceanography and Surveying, Earth Structure, Maritime Law, Atmospheric Circulation and Tides and allows students to get used to working at their own speed in their own style.

With the Hydrographic Academy,


Your Learning, Your achievement, Your way!


Online courses New Prices Options

In response to customer demand and in order to continue to provide the best possible experience for our students, Marine Learning Alliance has introduced a number of new flexible payment options.

  • Monthly subscription – spread the cost evenly over a fixed period
  • Pay in advance – get a substantial discount for investing the cost as the start of your studies. Nothing further to pay.
  • These are in addition to our standard model of Pay per module - as you study it, for complete flexibility.

The costs of both of our University of Plymouth degree offers: Advanced Hydrography and Sustainable Maritime Operations are lower than the full time equivalents and represent great value for money when ‘loss of earnings’ and living expenses are considered for our competitors. E-learning is a really cost-effective way to study.

Research from the Sutton Trust (2013) shoes that someone with a Master’s Degree can expect to earn £5,500 more per year – or over £200,000 over a working life – than someone with a Bachelor’s degree.

Other arrangements are also available for companies to sponsor students and for Service Leavers.