Marine and maritime professionals looking to improve their knowledge and confidence in a more business-oriented role can now take advantage of a mini-MBA.

The Mini-MBA for the Maritime Industry is a short course delivered through online distance learning enabling busy professionals the opportunity to study at their own pace, at a time that suits them. 

Downloaded via the MLA Mobile Learning App, the course introduces seven core MBA frameworks and methodologies, delivered through a series of short videos presented by Rupert Vernalls, founder and CEO of .

The course aims to provide:

  • Commercial awareness
  • A greater understanding of the maritime business, industry and market
  • Insights into how to analyse and anticipate changes within the competitive environment, and how to utilise energies, skills and talents to help their business rise to new levels of competitive performance.

Worksheets are also provided which will help users understand how to apply the core MBA concepts to their business.

The mini MBA course is expected to take about 10 hours to complete.

More information, and to download the content, can be found here.